Tar & Chip Surfacing Cambridge

Sometimes called tar & stone or tar & gravel.

Garrod Construction provide various tar and chip surface dressings including granite, gravel, natural and golden.The chip size may also be varied from 3mm to 25 mm.

Tar and chip dressings can be laid upon concrete, tarmac or any hard sub base like crushed concrete or road planings, making the product ideal for driveways or car parks. Depending on the finish required edgings are available.

Besides being very attractive and economical. tar and chip driveways are very durable and are relatively low maintenance. They also offer good traction. (good news for those icy winters)

No Sealing Required!

Also no sealing is necessary so maintenance is easy. But best of all, it is textured and nice to look at. Tar and chip Surfacing looks particularly fitting in rural and pre 19th century properties.

In most cases a new tar & chip driveway or car park can be used by vehicles (weather depending) within 5 hours of application.

All in all, tar and chip surfacing is great for older properties, those on a budget, and for covering large area`s without the dominating darkness tarmac can give.

If you are looking for a tar and stone driveway in or around cambridge call 01379 873004 today!

an image of tar  & stone driveway