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Paving and Driveways

People pave their driveways for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The main decision in paving comes down to whether you would prefer a solid surface or an aggregate surface, as well as the respective materials for each surface. There are also many exotic and creative ways to pave driveways that have emerged in recent years. When it comes to making this decision, remember to consider external factors such as cost, weather conditions and style of the surrounding architecture. We will be happy to help advise of the best suited driveway for your property.

Asphalt & Tarmac as a Paving Option

Paving driveways with a continuous block of material is a common and popular method used today. Concrete and asphalt are commonly used for this method because they are affordable and accessible. Asphalt and tarmac are a good option because it gives all weather durability and allows easy debris removal. Unfortunately, repairs are a bit more costly and the driveway itself has fewer design options.

an image of a tarmac driveway

Aggregate Surface Paving and Driveway Options

An aggregate surface driveway often uses gravel or natural gravel in its paving. Methods to adhere stone include resin, hot or cold bitumen, or a binding such as resin. Rather than maintaining the entire driveway, an aggregate surface allows you to simply repair damaged areas. The disadvantages of paving your driveway with an aggregate surface include the difficulty of clearing snow or using other garden machinery on or near the surface, or even when tree`s are nearby. Another option for your new driveway is to combine both methods by filling the aggregate surface with concrete. This option allows you to use either cobblestones or bricks, both of which work nicely with concrete seaming and are easy to repair.

an image of a natural stone gravel driveway

Alternative and Exotic Paving and Driveways

There are several creative paving options that are both modern and traditional and will lend your home a distinctive flair. Using interlocking hexagonal bricks is a nice take on the traditional brick driveway, and a good choice if your home uses bricks. Take a concrete driveway to the next level by brightening the grey with colour pigments or by adding some texture with patterned concrete that is meant to copy the look of common aggregate surfaces. If you are looking for old-world appeal and great durability, then cobblestones are a popular choice, despite a high initial cost. By adding personal touches, like initials or family crests, to customized paving stones, you can have your own designer driveway.


Seal your Investment

Don't forget that when you make a decision about your new driveway you should consider the weather conditions it will have to endure, cost of repair or replacement and wear and tear. Once you have chosen a surface, remember that you should protect your investment by properly sealing it.

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