Drainage Works Bury St Edmunds

New Installations

Garrod Construction install and connect drainage solutions for new installations, as well as add a range services to existing commercial and domestic properties.

We also carry out contract works in the following areas.

bullet point Housing developments bullet point Sewage pumping chambers bullet point House extensions bullet point Renovations
bullet point Perforated manholes bullet point Lateral plus manhole bullet point Storm and sewer connections bullet point Land drainage
bullet point Sewage Treatment plants bullet point Soakaways ie cellcrate bullet point Add inspection chambers  

We install new drainage systems and when necessary, can build new inspection chambers, install new interceptors and soak aways.

Drainage & Pipework Repairs

We have many years of experience in East Anglia in excavating pipes that have collapsed and then replacing them with new sections of pipe from a diameter of

25mm up to 1.8 meters diameter over a range of different products.

MDPE polyethylene pressurized and non-pressurized pipework

Garrod Construction carry`s out installations and repairs on new and existing water services and effluent services. We provide a 24 hour callout services.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a real nightmare, it can happen without any prior notice any time of the day or night. If your drainage system has a blockage of any sort it can cause repugnant smells throughout the whole house or can even cause flooding in kitchens or bathrooms.

Unblocking Drains

Blocked drains are unhygienic and unpleasant. Therefore, it is essential that every blockage is attended to without delay.

We have CCTV equipment to find the cause of blocked drains and use manual rodding or drain jetting which break down and wash the blockage away, leaving you with a clear drain.

Drain jetting isn't just an effective way to remove debris - it is also the best way to clean your drains and keep them clear, therefore preventing any possibility of similar drain blockages occurring again.

Drain Unblocking Service

Garrod Construction are experts in any kind of drainage problems. We have a range of services to unblock drains.

All kind of drainage work is undertaken including all blockages to:

bullet point Sinks bullet point storm drainage bullet point Showers
bullet point Baths bullet point External drains  
bullet point Toilets bullet point Broken pipes  

Garrod Construction can clear blocked drains in domestic and commercial properties